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DPPS 3510 UV Laser 355nm High power laser quasi-CW STEREOLITHOGRAPHY ITO REMOVAL

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  • Make DPSS Lasers
  • Model 3510 Laser 355nm
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DPPS 3510 UV Laser 355nm System This item is used, working condition. It powers on, initializes, and gives green light ready.This instrument was removed from aworking environment. Item comes with everything pictured. Please see photos for more details. Description The Series 3500 DPSS laser (US Patent #6,002,695) is the most efficient, high power, quasi-CW DPSS UV laser commercially available. Using only a single 2OW diode bar, the Series 3500 has demonstrated powers in excess of 3.0 Watts at 355 nm. This high-efficiency conversion means that the laser can be operated at the normal specification, with minimum stress to the optical components and with a reduced diode current to extend the operating life. Minimizing the diode power required to generate the 355nm third harmonic output from the laser also minimizes the thermal effects in the gain medium (Nd: YV04), which results in the lowest possible distortion to the beam. Both the second and third harmonics are generated intra-cavity, thus reducing the need for tight focusing into the non-linear crystals. The result is a stable, high power UV laser with an M specification of < 1.2, a near perfect TEMoo mode. Applications STEREOLITHOGRAPHY ITO REMOVAL DIRECT WRITE/REPAIR MOLECULAR UNCAGING SPECTROSCOPY FLOW CYTOMETRY GENE TAGGING ModelAvg. PowerWarranted Avg. PowerPulse LengthRepetition RatePulse Energy 3510-100> 1.0 W> 0.7 W< 70 nsec100 kHz10 J Features High Average Power: The high power capability of the Series 3500 is a result of a unique combination of efficient design criteria - in the diode pumping scheme, intra-cavity harmonic generation and low loss extraction of the 355nm pulses. Efficiency of Direct Side Coupled (DiSC) Diode Pumping DPSS Lasers, Inc. has pioneered the use of DiSC pumping of the gain medium to achieve the highest efficiencies and average power levels currently available in high repetition rate UV DPSS lasers. Unlike fiber coupled designs, the DiSC geometry minimizes the diode laser power losses, while ensuring the best possible overlap between the diode pump beam and the fundamental 1064nm cavity mode. Using a proprietary DiSC geometry, the Series 3500 achieves an unparalleled >15% peak conversion efficiency from the diode to the final UV output of the laser. Due to the high conversion efficiency, the diodes are operated at typically only 60-8O% of rated power to achieve the UV output power specification, dramatically increasing the life of the diode, and eliminating the need for the frequent diode replacements found in fiber-coupled systems. Efficient Intra-Cavity Harmonic Generation: By performing second harmonic and sum frequency generation inside the cavity where the power is approximately 20 times higher than outside, it is possible to increase the efficiency of conversion by an order of magnitude compared with other commercial high repetition rate UV DPSS lasers. Instead of using all of this excess power capability, the Series 3500 is designed to spread the power conversion process over a larger volume of the nonlinear crystals, increasing the lifetimes f the optical components in the laser and reducing beam distortion, while maintaining a factor of three to five times higher power output than competing system designs Power as a Function of Repetition Rate: As in all Q-Switched solid state lasers, the average output power and pulse energy are a function of the Q-Switch frequency. The figure below indicates schematically the form of both the fundamental and 355nm output power for repetition frequencies from single shot to 100 kHz. Series 3500 lasers use a Nd:YV04 gain medium in which the highest average UV power occurs at approximately 25 kHz. At high repetition rates, an increase in the pulse width of the fundamental contributes to an accelerated decline in the UV pulse energy. For this reason, few DPSS lasers have significant UV power at high Q-Switched frequencies. The power capability and stable fundamental mode at high Q-Switched frequencies, a result of DiSC pumping, allow the Model 3500 to achieve repetition rates up to 150 kHz at >1.0 Watt average power. Specifications PERFORMANCE Wavelength354.7 nm Mode (M) SpecificationTEMoo (M <1.2) Beam Diameter (1/e)1.5mm Pulse to Pulse Stability< 10% Power Stability (8 hr. drift at const. temp)< 5% Beam pointing stability (at const. temp.)< 50 rad Polarization (Linear, Vertical)> 100:1 Beam Divergence (full angle)< 0.5 mrad ELECTRICAL Input Voltage90- 240 VAC Power Consumption (max.)500 W Ambient Operating Temp. (non- condensing)10 - 30 PHYSICAL Laser Head Dim. (LWH)50.8 x 19.05 x 16.5 Laser Head Weight13.6 Kg Laser Power Supply Dim.31 x 34.3 x 13.7 Laser Power Supply Weight5 Kg Cooling Systems Dim28.7 x 22.4 x 38.9 Cooling Systems Weight9.1 Kg More Information https://static1.squarespace.com/static/58ffb1573a04119b0e161612/t/592dd47f20099e1ca1db2d0b/1496178872615/3500+UV+Spec+Sheet+Rev+B.pdf For equipment and items shipping via freight, please contact us with your zip code to obtain a shipping quote. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Please contact the manufacturer for any additional technical information.


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